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Add a New Company to the CDS Database

Please use this page to submit a request to add a new company or other reference entity (with or without a price) to the credit default swap price database. Reference entities can include public or private companies, sovereign country (government) debt and municipal agencies. You only need to provide the name of the entity (i.e. company name). If it is a public company with shares traded on an exchange, providing a stock ticker symbol can also help speed up the process. Note that new companies (with or without their price) added using this method will not be immediately available to search until first being verified before adding to the database.

If you also have a CDS price for this new company or country that you would like to contribute at the same time, you can complete Section 2 of the form below with the relevant CDS price data. Have a look at the EXAMPLES page to see how easy it is to find and submit CDS prices. For any other questions, please contact CreditLime for assistance.

Section 1: Add name of new company
Name of reference entity/company to add (i.e. Widget Manufacturing Company) * required
Stock Ticker (if a public company)

Section 2: Add new company ALONG WITH CDS PRICE
CDS Spread Price in bps: (i.e. 250)
Date of CDS Price: YYYYMMDD (i.e. 20110223)
24Hour Time of CDS Price: (i.e. 1600, leave blank if unknown)

Not-required Additional Information (can leave black or default)
CDS Price Source Link: (i.e. online webpage link for verification if available/applicable)
Notes: (i.e. any other special notes or comments)
Your Name: (i.e. Gordon Gekko or blank for anonymous)  
Your Email: (i.e. gordon.gekko@gmail.com)  

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